The trip is over. I’ve made it in one sunburned piece to California. We have allocated the funds raised to affordable housing organizations. But my gratitude to my donors still stands. Thank you for making this summer possible.

Urciuoli Family
Tolson Family
Kimberley Hay
Claire Tolson
Roger Davidson
Mike Way
Stefan Palios
Leo Dielmann
Cassidy Lapp
Benedict Scheuer
Melody Chang
Victoria Lawrence
Clarey Zhu
Athena Liao
Tony Valente
Shivangi Uppal
Emily Bosisio
Norman Coutts
Faizah Zakaria
Cynthia Tsay
Grace Bang
Miriam Rock
H. Hoelck
Oskar Wahlbäck
Porter Braswell
Will Portman
Sherry Li
Carolyn Yuan
Ayesha Kang
Jack Shu
Brittany Robinson
Cecile Dong
Nancy Schuckert
Victor Kang
Noelle Thew
David Gabriel
Adrienne Tarver
Lu Feng
Jack Shi
Omar Dairanieh
Olivia Jorgensen
Alison Lu
Tiffany Fan
Linda Zhou
Ada Chen
Courtney Randolph


Anonymous donors at PWG

My Rider Profile!

Also a huge thank you to La Fresh. Check em out!


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