A Letter of Gratitude

The memories I hold from this trip stand on many shoulders, especially those of my donors. Some of you were friends, family, coaches, or teachers. Thank you for believing in me and for believing in this cause. Others, I have never met in person. A special thank you for taking a chance on me. None of these experiences would have been possible without your generosity and support.

To the people I met along the way–from churches, at build sites, in gas stations, and on the road, thank you for your time, your kindness, and your genuine stories. Mary from Parsons, West Virginia, I can’t thank you enough for your words of wisdom, sadness, and hilarity. That hot shower was great, too. Robert from Moab, Utah, your warm-hearted smile will not be forgotten. Payton from Kansas, keep it real with those boots, little man. 

Thank you, drivers who gave us 3+ feet when passing on the road.

To my teammates, I can’t imagine sharing those dance moves, emotions, sunsets, digestive hardships, and physical challenges with another group of nuts. We might not see or speak to each other for a long time. But we will always have these 10 weeks to look back on, whether with fond warmth or dramatized harshness. Either way, it was 70-something days of summer when our lives crossed paths and we did something that was incredibly unique. Our collection of oddities, traditions, and strange events might never be understood by anyone else. 

And to you, dear reader, thank you for joining me on this adventure. It was a pleasure to share this thrilling experience with you.

You all make my heart swell.

With love and endless appreciation,