About Me

Hello, I’m Michelle.

I’m a twenty two year-old, human female, and aspiring minimalist. I am always seeking thrilling adventures, compelling experiences, and beautiful sunsets.

Following my college graduation in 2014, I set off on a journey that took me from Rhode Island to California with an organization called Bike and Build. Along this 4600-mile-long journey, my teammates and I built homes with local organizations, raised a lot of money for our cause, spread awareness about the affordable housing issue, saw some truly awe-inspiring things in America’s people and landscape, and pushed the limits of our mental and physical abilities. I started this blog in an effort to keep my donors, family, and friends, updated as I traversed across the country on a bicycle for affordable housing.  After the ride, I knew I wasn’t quite done with doing strange things and writing about them, so here I still am, on this blog.

I currently reside in Sitka, Alaska, where I am doing 9 months of service for a fellowship program.



12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Michelle. Yours is a very ambitious and interesting project. I’ll be following you on twitter and here from now on. Every best wish to you. Norman

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