The Story Continues!

I am currently layover-ing at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, fresh off the plane from Los Angeles. Going west was cool, but living in the Alaskan wilderness is the real, unsanitized frontier experience. Just kidding. In a few hours, I will board a northwest-bound airplane to a quaint, but “burgeoning”, city in Southeast Alaska. For the next four to nine months, I will be working with the Sitka Conservation Society as a service fellow.

I hope to continue posting updates and photos to share with my family and friends. The blog has been refit for that purpose–hope you continue to enjoy my posts!



4 thoughts on “The Story Continues!

  1. You know, I found your bike and build blog totally by random. Searching at the time for blogs on the topic as I launched my own blog on one amateur’s thoughts on cycling. At that time you had yet to leave on your adventure. I have to tell you I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. What a fantastic service and adventure. Well done. I am sure your family is very proud of you.

    In my next post I am telling my readers to check out your blog, for the story of your ride across the US. All the best on your next adventure.

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