No Words

Every morning, five of our teammates keep us updated on the going-ons of the world outside of Bike and Build. Recently, we have been getting a lot of bad news from around the globe. Almost every morning, we hear about the violence in Ukraine or the bombs and mortar flying in Gaza.

After the somber international news was delivered this morning, Tom, our host at the church in Estes Park, said something that struck a chord with me. I think it made everyone pause for just a second and consider the simplicity and importance of his statement. He solemnly affirmed that terrible crises and atrocities are occurring at every moment all around the world. Then, Tom said that he finds that the way to stay positive even with all the violence and crimes against humanity is to commit to doing small good deeds. Small deeds that go a long way–like housing and feeding a group of young adults looking for a summer of adventure and activism. He pointed to the dedication of our team of 31 and encouraged us to do the same.

With this thought turning in my brain, we took off for our first day of climbing in the Rockies. Our peak elevation was at 12,005 feet. It was physically challenging, but the beauty around us made it a simple task, and totally worth it. After hanging out and eating lunch at the tourist stop at the peak, we cruised into the small town of Granby. This is a cliche cop out, but I truly cannot begin to describe the gorgeous landscape we rode through today. Here are some pictures instead!

















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