Riding to Estes Park

Yesterday, we spent the day working on four different build sites with Loveland’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. We spent the day breaking rocks, spreading dirt, and laying down sod. Levi, our volunteer manager, explained to us that rent in Loveland has become increasingly expensive and scarce since the flood. Because of this, there is a big need for non governmental organizations such as HH.



Recharged from our day of building, we finally entered the Rockies today. With the excitement from our hearts shining on our faces, we rode closer and closer to the towering mountain ranges in front of us. Homes and buildings became more sparse, and we were soon surrounded by nature.

For the first time since the Appalachians, I didn’t see any road kill, or smell methane from cow farts during our ride. Instead, I saw chaotically carved rocks and smelled nicely-scented trees. This new landscape is incredibly refreshing.

The ride was about 40 miles with 5000 ft of climbing. The only challenges were the muddy roads and a mile long stretch of steep road. I was riding alone today, but bumped into Beth and Emma on the steep climb and we hollered and whooped our way to the top. Unfortunately, even with my new Armadillo tires, I continued my flat tire streak, making my trip total come to 24.

Estes Park, which is where we are staying for the night, is a humble town of 5000. There are a lot of travelers and tourists that flock to the town because of its spectacular location in the valley of the mountains and its proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park.





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