Half Way to Half Moon Bay

With only 50 miles of riding on Friday, we had the luxury of sleeping in until 6 AM. We stayed in a small town called Red Cloud, named after a Native American chief. The town is also proud to be the place of Willa Cather’s childhood home.

After a full night’s rest at Red Cloud’s community center, we set off for Alma, Nebraska. We reached the half way point of our route yesterday–another milestone! Out of tradition and playful necessity, we all pulled into the lunch stop to hear Bon Jovi blasting on the loudspeakers. It was cool and misty for most of the morning. I felt more energized than usual, and decided to ride by myself.

Alma is a small town of about 1200 people. An intricately planned prom proposal by Dylan, for Rob, definitely brought some rarely heard noise and excitement to the town.







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