Crowning a small hill in Kansas City is an outdoor market that operates 7 days a week, all year round. Alex, Ben and I made a stop at the market to marvel at the trinkets, Volkswagen vehicles, and fresh fruits that had been laid out. It was a busy and congenial place, with things set up in an organic and rustic sort of way. Musicians with a variety of instruments showcased their talents, sharing different sounds from all over the world.

After some rainfall in the morning, the sun came out. We had a short bit of bike path that, unfortunately, was littered with trash and broken glass. Besides the fact that our team got an aggregate of 48 flats (three of which were mine), it was a beautiful and carefree July day.


I rode by myself for most of the day, taking breaks when I wanted to, and when my bike needed to.

When we arrived at our host, we saw goodie bags lined up for us, decorated by some really talented and creative kids.



The waterslide in the school’s backyard elicited some more cheers of joy from all of us.

Yesterday and today, we stayed in Lawrence, and worked with the Habitat for Humanity chapter in town. The team split up into three groups. My group worked on a home that was almost ready to be dedicated to the recipients. We spent two days painting, installing doors, and sweeping out the whole place.



With the afternoon off to explore the town, I went off on my own to find a good place to read a book. Unfortunately, I got a flat (that makes 21 total) and didn’t have an extra tube, patch kit, or levers. In an act of desperation, I used a piece of paper as a substitute for a patch (surprisingly effective). A nice guy named Steven stopped by and helped me get the tire off, sans bicycle levers. Lesson learned: always be prepared, even on leisurely rides. Thank you, Steven from Kansas. I was in a real pickle before you came along.

This is the longest we have stayed in one place since leaving Providence. It was nice to get time to wander, sniff around, and munch on yummy ice cream cones. Shoutout to Dave for introducing us to Sylas and Maddy’s, and for treating all of us to some amazing ice cream.

I hear tomorrow is 120 miles, so stay tuned!










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