Hike and Build

We had 111 miles to cover today, so we woke up at 4 am to beat the heat. The balmy morning gave us an incredible sunrise show, casting some beautiful colors in the sky and on the corn fields. The first half of the ride was flat, and everyone was in good spirits.



Then we hit 8 miles of gravel hills. LOL.



Biking on the gravel terrified me so I began hiking up and down the steeper hills. This probably added an extra hour to our journey from Moberly to Richmond, Missouri.

Today was a real test of endurance and extreme discomfort. The last 30 miles in the afternoon were painful. I could feel my toes and fingers going numb in protest, like some bold act of civil disobedience. The triple digit temperatures made all of us sweaty and weary. I ended the day pace-lining with Emma, Ashley, Beth, and Kaitlyn. Headwinds blew hot, dry air in our faces. We huffed and puffed right back. Getting to the host site is always exciting, but opening the door to a blast of cold air after an afternoon in the heat was amazing.


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