Sweep Day

Every day that we ride, two designated people are assigned to the role of “sweep”. Sweep stays behind the rest of the group, making sure that everyone is accounted for. Today, Grace and I were sweep, so we packed extra snacks, tube, tires, and a med kit.

It was a relaxed 70 mile ride with plenty of stretch breaks and shaded naps. Grace and I had some great conversations on the road before rolling into our host site at around 3PM. Before dinner, several groups presented their topics on affordable housing. Most presentations discusssed government regulation of the US housing landscape.

To recap the last few days, we rode across the muddy river into Ohio two days ago. That night, we stayed in Marietta, before biking to Wellston, 90 miles away. Marietta was a very historical place, with red brick roads and colonial-looking houses lining the streets. Wellston was a smaller, more industrial-looking, oil and coal producing town of about 5000 people.

Tomorrow, we will be working at a build site here in Huntington, West Virginia. It will be our first day off the saddle in a week, and I can’t wait to wake up at 7:30 rather than 5:30 for once. I’m going to catch up on all the sleep I have been missing. Hope that you are all doing well!



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