Mountain Momma

An update before we leave West Virginia (for now). The last week has been as up and down as the Appalachians we rode through. Some highs and lows:

-Seeing Confederate flags hanging from porches and on license plates continues to baffle me.

-The mountains and the woods are truly beautiful and make me miss hiking.

-Grace and I reached a peak and it felt like we were biking in the clouds. The fog around us paradoxically cleared my mind.

-Another member of our team crashed and will not be riding with us for a little while. This is always hard because we have become real close and know how much everyone wants to ride.

-The combination of hills and gravel continues to terrify me. But are these are great opportunities for short hikes with my bike.

-I was vanned for the last five miles on our century day in Appalachia.

-The kindness of all our hosts keeps on surprising me in the best possible way. I hope to never forget that conversation I had with Mary (who let a bunch of smelly cyclists shower in her home) about life and love.

-Buck and Marcy–a couple living at the top of a huge hill in the Appalachians. They were a true godsend, offering ice, water and a boost in morale when we needed it most.


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