Bear Mountain

Day four was a long day of riding, but long days are pretty much the norm now. I started the day with Cindy, Emily, and Kaitlyn. The climb up Bear Mountain was long and tiring, but also incredibly beautiful. During the climb, I separated from my group and bumped into Rachel and Sarah a couple of times as we passed and fell behind each other throughout the entire ascent. I must have clipped out at least ten times, but each time I saw Rachel or Sarah struggling with me, I clipped back in and kept pedaling. I was feeling pain in the side that I bruised two months ago, but the peak was so beautiful that I forgot all about it. At the top, we could see all the work we had accomplished in the last hour and a half, slowly inching up the mountain. At some points during the ride, we intersected with the Appalachian Trail, and I spotted some beastly hikers that I assumed were AT thru-hikers.

After lunch, we lost Cindy and Emily, and I began riding with Kaitlyn and Grace. The intensity of the heat in combination with the climb was affecting some more than others, and Kaitlyn decided to take the van after seeing black spots. Grace and I rode on. Then things started really going wrong. Between the two of us, we had 7 flats and a couple of fallen chains. After cursing and coaxing our bikes for an entire afternoon, we finally arrived at the host site at around 8 pm. Huge thanks to Adriel and Kelsey for being the most patient sweep ever.








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