Taking Off

On Monday morning, I packed my things and made my way to Union Station. Walking past Mory’s, Yorkside, then Trumbull, Cross Campus, and Old Campus, I said some silent goodbyes to the places that have made New Haven my home for the last four years. I had all the belongings I would have for the next three months: a 40 pound pack on my back and a ukulele strapped to my bicycle rack.

Orientation included powerpoints, discussions, guest speakers, and team building activities. It was a lot, but it was necessary, and I will leave it at that.

Yesterday was our first build day. We rode our bikes to a HH build site in Providence and the 31 of us finished painting and landscaping the home.


In addition to the meetings covering bike safety and group travel chores, we have had presentations to increase our understanding of the affordable housing issue. Some things get repetitive after a while, but it is important to remind ourselves that these problems are related, not antithetical, to our own. The economic and social realities are not as separated as many may think. Issues such as a crumbling tax base, poor labor markets, high incarceration rates and under-supported education systems are all rooted in unstable and substandard housing. These problems have spillover and lasting effects, and require our understanding and attention.

Today we leave Providence, and will cross our first state line. We will be dipping our wheels in about an hour, and I am writing this post on my phone while eating breakfast, so I apologize for any typos or incoherent sentences. Thank you for bearing with me and reading to here anyways. And again, thank you all for your kind comments, texts, emails, etc. it has been hard to reply to all of them with the attention and gratitude they deserve.

I have been terrible at taking pictures*, but will update y’all as soon as possible!


*as you can see, none of above pics were taken by me.


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