Biking to Massachusetts (and back)

Yesterday, Noelle, Austin, Amara, and I set off on an exhilarating and painful journey to Massachusetts. It was our first century ride, totaling 115 miles. We celebrated when we hit the century mark, but those last 15 miles were most definitely harder than the first 100. Riding the Farmington Canal Trail when we could, we also passed through neighborhoods and urban streets where the trail had not yet been completed. We were lucky–no flats, no crashes, beautiful weather, yummy trail food, and awesome company. The ride was also mostly flat, with a couple of fun hills along the way.

When I finally got back to my room (up 5 unpleasant flights of stairs) I was rewarded with the best night of rest I have ever had.

Must look into this chamois butt cream people are talking about… if anyone has preferences, let me know what works best.

Noelle, Austin, and Amara: y’all are amazing! I couldn’t have done it without these ladies.


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