April Overview

In April:

~300 miles on the bike

15 hours volunteering at New Haven’s build site

4 crashes (this is normal, right?)

6 flats (this cannot be normal, right?)

1 race (my first!)

The last crash was pretty nasty; resulted in a stretcher, an ambulance ride, a good dose morphine, and crutches. Haven’t been on the bike since, but I’m walking again, so I’m hoping to get better soon. Till then, I will be struggling to sneeze, laugh, and hiccup. Each time I do, it feels like my ribs are exploding inside my body.

Here’s to more miles and fewer crashes in May!


10 thoughts on “April Overview

  1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear of these traumas. Please take care. Flats increase when, (i) you are unlucky; (ii) your tyres are under inflated and (iii) you ride in the rain or very wet roads. As Tony says, some tyre types are more flat resistant than others. Especially concerned to hear of your off. Fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery. Norman

  2. Wow. Rough month. Hope you get well soon Michelle. I’m sure that each bruise and injury is going to make you feel more satisfied once you complete your trip across the country and see all the great work your cause will lead to.

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