Volunteering at a Build Site

Today, I picked up a hammer for the first time in years. Somehow, the nails I pounded went into the right places, and we made this nice, sturdy wall.

New Haven HH

Everyone I worked with was so pleasant and patient. I even got to meet a couple of families that were chosen to be Habitat homeowners. The house that we partially built today is the 95th Habitat building project in Greater New Haven, and will be the future home of Mohamed, Kadiatu, and their three children. It was a really rewarding experience to put up a wall with a man, knowing that that wall will be supporting him and his family for years to come. A short article on the family can be found on Habitat for Humanity’s website here.


Update on fundraising: currently at 52%, but I’ve hit a pretty sizable wall (see above). Please donate any amount you can. The work that Habitat is doing here is so incredibly valuable, and your donation will be supporting an organization that promotes healthy families and communities. Donations can be made at my rider profile! Thank you for your generosity 😀


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