First Fall

It’s been a long battle, but winter has finally yielded to spring. Look at that sky! Those clouds! I knew I had to take the bike out this afternoon.

Yale University

Can you believe that, just two months ago, I was crashing into snow banks?

Trumbull Courtyard

I hopped onto the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, leaving unfinished essays and problem sets sitting on my desk. There’s something emancipating about  being bathed in sunshine, wind, and sweat. 10 miles up the trail, I found a nice bench, where I easily convinced myself to take a quick break.

Bench on the Trail

I decided to turn back before I allowed myself to sit there for too long. I could have basked in the sun’s light and my own introspective thoughts until dark.


I knew it was coming. I just didn’t think it could happen on a perfect day like this. Just when I thought I was finally getting used to my new bike shoes, I came crashing down.

Honestly, it happened so fast that I don’t even remember falling. All I know is that I was speeding down the road when I saw a person come out of nowhere. The next second, I was sprawled on the side of the road with Charley next to me. Luckily, ice skating lessons from my youth and daily struggles with my own clumsiness have taught me how to fall like a rag doll. I stumbled back to my room with a couple of harmless scrapes and scratches.

I’ll spare you the gory details…


Many thanks to Charley for the ride, my helmet for protecting my silly head, Mom and Dad for those ice skating lessons way back when, and Emily (my awesome roommate) for patching me up after this first fall.


Many more adventures (and misadventures) to come!


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