Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Merhaba!

Two generous weeks of spring break took me and a couple of friends to Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Barcelona, Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Paris, and Istanbul. Coming home, I feel extremely fortunate to have had such amazing experiences in all these unique places, but I do apologize for the extended hiatus. The good news is that the last two weeks were jam-packed with stressful, fun, and exciting moments. We got lost in the maze of Marrakech’s medina, walked the beaches of Barcelona, went cliff diving in Marseille, and ate too much turkish delight in Taksim Square. I’m lucky I got back home in one piece, exhausted, but with my passport in possession. Bad news is that my cell phone was stolen in France.

Now I have two months to fundraise more than $3000. Time to get busy.

Below are some pictures from the trip. Enjoy! (Unfortunately, I lost my phone before I could get pictures of Monaco and Istanbul. Both places were entirely remarkable and absolutely breathtaking.)