Quick update on training! I’m finally settling into a training schedule. It’s a little strange to plan my own workouts since I’ve been given sets, intervals, and exercises my entire life. Luckily, I have some old teammates to keep me in line–Thank you Noelle, Angela, and Becky! We try to push each other, encourage each other, and keep each other accountable. Also a huge thanks to Duke Diaz, who directs and manages operations at Payne Whitney Gym. After I told him about training for Bike and Build, he has given me permission to do spin workouts with a couple of classes every week.

Here’s what my weekly training schedule looks like right now:

Monday: 1-2 hrs cardio

Tuesday: Morning workout with Noelle, 90 mins with the Cycling Team (that’s right, I just joined the team!)

Wednesday: 1-2 hrs cardio, weights with Angela and Becks

Thursday: 90 mins with Cycling Team

Friday: 1 hour spin, afternoon run and yoga

Saturday: run as much as I can (meaning 1 mile), yoga (attempt headstand, usually fail, but at least I have fresh bruises to show off)

Sunday: 1 hour spin

I figured that if I could swim 5 miles every day for years and years, I should at least be able to run that distance every week. I was wrong. Running is hard. Let me know if y’all have training tips (especially in the running realm). Much appreciated!

Oh, and I’m still getting in the pool a couple of times each week to give swim lessons in exchange for Bike and Build donations! Thanks to everyone who has donated already 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to make another contribution to affordable housing. This is a systemic issue that demands our attention.

Have a great week, and happy training!


7 thoughts on “Training

  1. Looks like a good schedule for your workout, remember a rest day though. Rest is just as important as the exercise. Must let the body heal and rest. Best of luck to you.


      • Anytime my friend. I have learned a lot about exercise and as a PT I always have my clients take at least one rest day. The body will thank you more than you know 🙂 If you ever need anything, just let me know

        All the best,

  2. If you are a new runner, don’t run a distance to start, run a time. Try to run for 10 minutes, and do this for 2 weeks. Then bump it to 15 then 20. After you can do twenty, then try to to go farther :).

    You are doing great lady!

  3. Nicely planned workout schedule Michelle. Good luck! I’m also training to win a 10k race in November and I’ve got a similiar workout plan.

    Oh and giving lessons for donations is a very smart idea. Keep up the good work!

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