Take My Things

Today, I put this up on Facebook. I thought I would extend it to my small but awesome WordPress audience as well. I’m giving away most of my worldly possessions. Maybe, just maybe, you could consider a $5 donation?

Hi everyone! I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff, in exchange for a donation to Bike and Build (needs to be reasonable–give what you can give, or fairly assess the value of the items you take). All donations go to B&B, a non-profit organization that supports the affordable housing issue. Come check out some useful (and not so useful) things, and help me support disadvantaged, deserving families across the United States. If you’re not in New Haven, I can ship reasonably-sized items to you (ie not suitcase or printer).

Some items include:
Green Hunter Rainboots (Size 8M)
Tote bags
Aqua-colored Birkenstocks (Size 39)
Dooney and Bourke wristlet
Michael Kors sandals (Size 8 )
Vera Bradley large duffel
UO shoulder bag
Digital alarm clock
HP Printer
Small and large bookshelves
Desk lamp (no bulb)
Gucci wallet
iPad 1, full of ebooks
Oscar Schmidt Ukulele
Tory Burch wristlet

Come by 12-5 PM Sunday, January 12.
Trumbull F51.
Cash/CC/Paypal donations accepted.

Update: $281 to affordable housing!


3 thoughts on “Take My Things

  1. Reblogged this on Viewfound and commented:
    This is something I have always wanted to do, ride all over the country for a cause. I have not been able to manage it yet, but I admire people who are able and willing to do that. I am extending this to you my WordPress audience, may be some of you could help Michelle in her mission.

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