True Gifts

Especially during the Christmas season, we encounter a lot of lights, buzz, and hubbub. Clarey and I sat on a bench overlooking the neighborhood this morning at the crack of dawn. I thought about all the perfectly wrapped presents that would soon be torn open by eager hands. The oohs and ahhs, screams and hollers, laughs and cries, ¬†responding to shiny new things. It’s loud, bright, and crazy.

I won’t lie; I love the crazy lights and the obnoxious music. I even love the short-lived holiday spirit. And though my parents have never wrapped a gift, today I’m reminded that I am lucky to be surrounded by the greatest gifts of all: a stable home and family, wonderful friends, and a roof over my head. These are presents I receive everyday. Today, I am all the more grateful.

PS: Thank you to Victoria and Melody for the best Christmas surprise–donations to B&B!


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